Before Travel

  • Check weather, vaccinations, and visa restrictions. With new presidents come new rules so never assume it’s the same as the last time you travelled
  • Create a checklist of essentials such as passport, travel adapter, eye mask, or swimsuit
  • Pack liquids into 100ml bottles to avoid check-in luggage or putting your back out
  • An e-reader in the event of an airline strike or ash-cloud, or general flight delays

During TravelWendy

  • Get cash at the airport if travelling to Germany. Even in ‘Bankfurt’ many taxis, bars, and restaurants only accept cold hard currency
  • Upon arrival at your hotel ask for an iron as the moment you realise you need one, Murphy’s law says they won’t have any more available
  • Ask where the closest shop for essentials such as bottled water and snacks is to keep on-road travel costs down
  • Ask for the card of the hotel, it’s useful for remembering where you live and showing non-English speaking taxi drivers where to go
  • Watch out for drivers ripping you off with confusing currency or by taking the scenic route
  • Most importantly enjoy your destination and try to see more than just the four walls of your meeting room!

After Travel

  • Unpack as soon as you get home, else it will still be there a week later
  • Put through your travel expenses the first day back else they’ll still be there a month later

Happy travels!